It is I who over challenged The Logos of the Universe To test its limits And I am sorry. It is I who manipulated Everything and everyone To get what I wanted. It is I who wrote the story And I am sorry. There is no story, truth is. It is I who created a … Continue reading Undone

That will prove something

Women walking with full heavy chests Overflowing and inner-flowing Sweet milky sparkling fairy dust. Men walking with full heavy heads Overflowing and inner-flowing Ideas to become buildings and stories and rules. Women need to pour out their love Because that will prove ... something. Men need to turn thoughts to things Because that will prove … Continue reading That will prove something

She is your link or a simple short story of man’s fall

    The simple short story of man's fall Soon after Man cut himself off in a foolish attempt of creating life without the source of life, he discovered he may only survive if he takes, stealing really, the life energy of weaker organisms. Hence, the battles for supremacy, the necessity of competition in all … Continue reading She is your link or a simple short story of man’s fall