She is your link or a simple short story of man’s fall


The simple short story of man’s fall

Soon after Man cut himself off in a foolish attempt of creating life without the source of life, he discovered he may only survive if he takes, stealing really, the life energy of weaker organisms. Hence, the battles for supremacy, the necessity of competition in all forms, from wars to sports, to erudition, to building, creating … 

Woman cannot do anything. It is not her attribute, the doing. Her attribute is presence. Her attribute is harmony, … beauty, as we call it now. Her attribute is keeping clean clear space for growth. She can only be. Women who do things, who fight, who save, who manipulate, who learn to know stuff, are acting from their “masculine bit”. They joined man’s battles. 
World’s sole chance is Man’s return to his source of power. 

She is your link, always near, always open.

Andreea Garden, October, 2015
Image credits: Google Images