There is space

Too many institutions,

too many ways of imprisonment

Of punishment

Of manipulation


to capture and hold

The ephemeral ethereal

Picture a nature-less world.

Don’t think it can’t be,

You would be lying to yourself,

You can make it happen,

You are God,

You can make anything happen.

Will you be happy then?
Let’s stop pretending

We don’t love each other

We don’t need each other

We are inseparable like

Two sides of the same coin.

Let’s renounce this competition,

This absurd behavior

And be kind.

Let’s just embrace each other

In dark silence

Until we feel space

Freeing man to be man

Letting woman to be woman

Two free intertwined spiraling strands

Yet unobstructed flowing.
There is space.
~ Andreea Garden ~

Nov. 2015