Daily Wedding

Daily wedding
“Rise and shine, my love” he says

“Stretch your arms towards angels

They shall wash you 

and dress you up

Like a bride.

A thin haze covering the land – 

This world of sorrow.

Lift your chin and turn your face to the sky.

Open your eyes and see.

The gifts of today all around. 

Say no word, say no word.”
“No gift but your arrival” I think.

And then I become utterly silent.
“Smile, my love, I know your thoughts

Your heart’s song is my prayer

From stars we decended 

To stars we return

Once the blink of time ended.

Until then, we sit for a coffee

Talking, laughing, crying

Over things we love but can’t touch

Tormenting our hearts.

Let us not forget why we came,

Let us embrace this illusion.”
I cry next to his words

My heart …

Andreea Garden, Nov. 2015

Image credits: Google Images