Writing “Theo and Mira”

Writing is living an imaginary life, advisable when there is not much going on in “reality”. 


“This world sucks, so I made my own” Alice says, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. That’s how it started. One blessed day, when stars aligned and angels descended their graceful gaze upon me, I realized … “This life is but a dream. So, instead of living the boring common mass consciousness society default dream, I can make up believe and live my own dream.” 


So I simply started writing, thinking just of where would I want to start. Then I continued as I most wished to go. Taking the path that felt the right and easy way to go. I’ve always been the happiest while dreaming my life. I like the feeling of being connected to the Master Mind of the Universe. To hear His thoughts, to feel His feelings. To discover His mysteries. “What would be wonderful?” I hear the question. And it leaves me helpless in my reply: “what can be more wonderful than sitting in awe, watching you unfold your great wings”, I think. “Dare!” I hear. “Say the word of your burning heart’s desire. One word. That’s how a new world it’s being created. Just say it. Speak.” 


And flow it did. I haven’t had a clue of where it would take me. It’s truly been an adventure. An adventure I lived fully. And it changed me. 

Mira is the wanderer-wonderer I would have become if “real life” didn’t steal me away of myself. She has the courage of letting herself go with the flow, of stopping, looking, admiring nature and world, wondering about everything, making friends, falling in love, crying, laughing, and carrying on. She even has the courage to settle down, put an end to her travels, to let herself be “tied” to one place, to one man. Never ceasing to soul “ether” travel though. 

Theo is the man who built a fortress for himself: a house with an enclosed garden, a name as famous artist, a mind controlling master practice. A man who believed he had everything until he fell in love … for real.  

It’s funny … My initial idea was of writing about how would life with an angel be. Mira’s life with an angel. But, as it turns out, to my surprise, this angel needed help. As it turns out, Mira was the angel in the end. Now that I start thinking about it, it all lights up, it seems only logical: from the very start of the story, Mira turned into an angel instantly, in the very moment I intended giving her angelic companionship. 


Now, I think I should point out what I mean by “angel”. There are people who speak in terms of feeling, imagining, envisioning, reaching out, loving, going with the flow, clearly seeing, praising, wondering, admiring, appreciating, sitting in silence, in awe, getting in tune with Life. There are people who speak in terms of doing, thinking, focusing, accomplishing, succeeding, making, changing, controlling, over powering, surpassing, resolving, over coming, wanting, desiring, beating up Life, getting recognized and famous. I resolved of calling the first human angels and the second … humans. 


Writing a novel gifts one a parallel universe to inhabit, a secondary life time to experience, offers the opportunity of saying words she has always been dreaming of saying, visiting places she always wanted to visit, be with the kind of people she likes being with.



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