Theo and Mira Games ~ Reality of nature

Image credits: Google Images

“Discover reality of nature game. Notice how you feel inside your body. Remember this feeling. Find a piece of nature near you (a pot plant, a flower in a vase, a piece of hardwood furniture). Look closely and breathe naturally. Keep your focus on your nature, open your eyes really wide to take it all in through the eyes, smell it, touch it, listen very attentively. Close your eyes. Use your imagination to make yourself really small and travel inside nature. Have a look at what is happening inside the root system, then travel up in the trunk or stem, then further up in the leaves. Finally, sit inside the flower bud before this opens and listen to what is happening there. Come out, grow to your normal size and look at your nature again. Notice how you feel inside now.”
Excerpt From: Garden, Andreea. “Theo and Mira.”  

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