Let the target be joy


Dear friends,
I have a zillion ideas and projects I’m working on. It’s been fun flying solo in this journey of self-discovery, yet now I seem to seek more and more ways of mixing it up. I would love to collaborate with vibrant-present-lifeloving-“doing it just because is fun” attitude people. I know, I know, so many have expressed it: “I’m too busy making money to survive so I’ve got no time for fun, you are soooooo lucky you have time”. 

There was a time in my life when I did go to work to make money, then there was a time in my life when I practiced my absolute passion (natural healing) and did make some money. But no matter what we do, we never have enough money or time left to spend for our happiness, for our fun, for the simple joy of living. So I have been really struggling with this problem: how come I can’t seem able to motivate myself to focus on money-making. Because I know I also need food, for myself and for my family, I need heat and dryness to keep, to maintain the house, but above all I need to maintain a certain life style I’ve gotten used to. A life style we have created. Even more so, we need money to improve our life style. But, no matter how much money and no matter how good the life style gets, there is always something … missing. And you recognize it. It is something money cannot buy. And when you realize that, you get depressed. Next you get angry that you don’t have enough money (or time) to be happy, as if somehow you forgot that you have already discovered that it isn’t money’s fault after all. And yet you must make yourself make more money to keep, to maintain that what you already have. But now you feel like a slave to that what you already have, because that does not represent your happiness any longer. Your happiness is always fresh. Your happiness is now in your mind and your soul. But you are too afraid to leave that what you already have in order to step into your actual new and improved happiness. Money will keep that what you already have strong and steady, so it doesn’t collapse, so you can’t go on with your happiness. And you grow bitterer and bitterer, more and more hopeless, less and less alive. Until one day … 

One day, you either get really physically sick or you lose your mind or you have some tragic accident happening to you or someone you love. Because Life, either with your acceptance or by force, will absolutely get you back on your happiness track. 
Now, finally, from this strong shock, … 

…hopefully …. 





Are you 

to play?
Over the past few years I have tapped into many of my soul’s joys of living: writing, painting, natural therapies, metaphysics, nature reconnection, space ambiance refreshing and rebalancing, children intuitive education, spiritual ways, mind training meditation, theatre, dance, heart-opening poetry recitation and much more to come, … whatever happens to excite my spirit. I’m no expert in any field. I never wanted to be. Why bother with becoming an expert when we are here for such a short time. We are just visitors here. 
Finding the joy in it, that’s my life’s passion. 
I welcome you, dear real-joy-hungry fear-letting-go-willing friend, to any or all of …




My game … 

… or yours.

For spontaneity freshness’ sake, leave money out of the equation. And leave helping others out of the equation. Money and helping others may naturally happen, as a side effect. Let the target be Joy. 
And to end beautifully, in Rumi’s words:

“Those who don’t feel this love

Pulling them like a river

Those who don’t drink dawn

Like a cup of spring water

Or take in sunset like supper

Those who don’t want to change

Let them sleep.

This love is beyond the study of theology

That old trickery and hypocrisy.

If you want to improve your mind that way

Sleep on.

I have given up on my brain

I’ve torn the cloth to shreds

And thrown it away.

If you are not completely naked

Wrap your beautiful robe of words around you

And sleep.”

~ * ~ 

“Inside The Great Mystery that is

We don’t really own anything.

What is this competition we feel then

Before we go, one at the time, through the same gate?

If you’ve opened your loving to God’s love

You are helping people you don’t know

And have never seen.

Is what I say true?

Say “Yes” quickly,

if you know,

If you’ve known it 

before the beginning

Of the universe.”