Things vs. Inner Life

We are not material beings. We are spritual beings in a physical body; in a thing, we might say. A very complex non-manmade … thing, our body. Why all our preoccupations are material? Why are we concerned the most about things? 
These illusive fragile ever-decaying always-broken things … 
Inner life is where people of paradise place their entire focus. Inner life is where real life abounds. Inner life is where all reinvigorating freshness springs from, where great ideas come from (their purpose is of being consumed and enjoyed pure, unaltered by thoughts of how to turn it into material). 

Humanity has insanely turned material all its ideas, without any discernment, one form or the other. And look at the destruction they created. Not many created things enrich in any way our inner life. Almost all things make life on Earth a million times harder because things always get in the way, always demand attention, demand energy, to be taken cared of, guarded, fixed, ensured, … 
Things suck the life out of us … and of our planet.
Ideas are to be kept and enjoyed in our inner life. Some ideas will naturally find their way into material form. Those things completely integrate in the absolute rhythms of nature and cosmos and they become part of it. They are necessary, relevant, self sustainable.
It’s a healthy attitude to despise all concerns for material matters (objects, pride about making or changing objects, worry for objects). Because only that complete despise represents a clear understanding of, and one hundred percent dedication to what matters: inner life. Because only that complete despise ensures a complete turn of mental focus on what really matters: inner life. 
Things get either thrown away or get recycled into something else. Things (all things, regardless their so called “quality”) are but cheap plastic toys. Inner life gets richer and richer with each moment of time spent for it. 
So, dear friends, if you have any sense, give all your life’s moments to your inner life!
P.S. No, you don’t have to run away of all things. Just strip them of their “mind”. Don’t give them your focus and energy. Don’t care about them. Use each thing you encounter to enrich your inner life. 

By Andreea Garden, Feb. 2016

Image credits: Google Images