Hymn to Crystalline Earth Garden

From my crystalline heart to the crystal heart of stars

All my love and knowledge encoded in crystals of light,

From the crystalline heart of stars,

Millions of threads and waves of golden and white light

To my heart and to the hearts of others who love light.

From my crystalline heart filled with gold and white light

To the crystal heart of Mother Earth, deep into hollow center,

Sending pure light from above and all her children’s love.

“Rise, sweet beautiful Mother! Breathe deeply pure light!

Let it gently awake you and let it bring you new life.

Shed away your old coat and dress like the glorious Queen that you are!

Rise, sweet beautiful Mother, the Queen of the Galaxy, Jewel of the Universe. 

You shine like no other planet. Your waters are glistening, like eyes reflecting Your Beloved Sun. Your green velvet cape shines, dressed with the morning dew like precious stones. Your forests, dark deep green, overflow with vibrant life of plants and animals. They all sing you praises. Your deserts flow shapes in your winds, each particle of sand whispering your song. Your oceans are birthing new life. 

You are divine, beautiful Mother. 

Rise, wipe away your nightmares, shake off the shafts and dirt of the world, flow them into the Great Sea of Love.

Strong light from the Morning Star, through my heart crystal, reaches Your Crystal Heart. 

Let your Crystal Heart shine brightly like the Morning Star and bring back to life Your eternal Gardens of Paradise. 

Let your song reach to the stars. We, children of Light and Love, are joining hands in love across your entire body like a network of light. 

Let the New Crystalline Earth Garden bloom. 

And so it is now!

Text: Andreea Garden, March 2016

Images credit: Google Images