Continuing to exist

Even more so, I continue to create. As long as the One Who is Burning Love dwells in me, I continue to live. Even more so, I live fully. Nothing matters really, and yet all things are beautiful, in their proper place, healthy, overflowing. Although you are not fully here, it doesn’t matter. Alive desire is calling you. Because of this burning desire I know you are one your way … to me. 

In the mean time, I continue to exist. I continue to count, count everything, all the stars, all oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air, all grass blades, all sheep in my way with all grass blades ingested. I even count my blessings. You can imagine how busy I am with all these. I am counting everything, everything except moments of time. I am not counting the moments. I save them aside. I save them for when you will be here, wholly. Right now only your heart is here. You sent it ahead of time, to save me. Just in time. Ah, I understand now! Therefore, … it is your heart this silky luminous peace wrapping me like a white blanket, sewn with a golden infinite thread, filled with colors, music and enchanting verses. Yes, it is your heart … big and warm, as big as the sea, as warm as the sand, bright like the sun.

And what else could I create now? … Only this poem of a tiny heart contained in a big, big heart. 

Text: Andreea Garden, March 2016

Image credits: Pinterest