Commitment to your (genuine) happiness solves world problems

There was a time when I believed that I must prove myself, that I must give others strong visible and tangible reasons to approve my worth. Anyone must find themselves there at some point. I was lucky enough to find teachers to tell me that none of that really matter. All that matter was my own commitment to my own happiness. It sounds selfish, but how can an unhappy person be of any benefit to others and to the world? Now I feel confident to affirm that all world problems have the same cause: unhappiness of its inhabitants. A genuine happy person changes the world by naturally imagining a better one. You must know what brings a zing in your life. Is it flying a kite? Flying a drone? Flying a sailplane? Sailing the seas? Growing vegetables? Growing flowers? Building stuff? Drawing stuff to build? Playing computer games? Dancing? Listening to music? Making music? Reading poetry? Writing poetry? Walking the woods? Traveling the world? Holding someone tight in your arms? Company of animals? Making up stories? Singing? 

Don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen. When you are depressed it is very hard to both think and move. But just use that little spark of life left and get up. Make something happen for you this instant. Something at hand. Something easy, like a cup of tea, or play some song you always liked. Something that requires minimum effort. Don’t think twice. Just do it now. And feel a minimum happiness now. Don’t stop there. Do the next thing (probably bigger) that comes to mind. And the next. And the next. And the next. And never do anything that doesn’t make you happy. (Realize that all the things you claim you “must” do but hate, are in fact things that in the beginning made you truly happy but somehow somewhere you lost that feeling. Now is the time to claim it back.)

If one must choose something to commit your life to, choose one person’s happiness. And let that person be you. 

Andreea Garden, July 2016