How to receive happiness, excerpts from Theo and Mira

“In this particular day of July when the rain is fairly warm and birds ready for a bath, Mira decided it might be a good idea to start walking in the rain, following a narrow winding path bordered by great oak trees. This path started in the city and carried Mira away, on soft hills beyond the outskirts of the city. Mira walked wondering at every step: how do drops form a puddle? What kind of ties hold drops together? She tried to think if she has ever seen drops of water … alone. Just one, sitting all by itself … She thought perhaps dew drops are like that.”

“It’s eight in the morning and yet it is still very quiet in the garden. It’s probably the mist. It feels really … unique, sitting here, in the center of a beautiful garden, surrounded by roses, knowing there is life everywhere around yet not seeing any of it. Or … perhaps all living beings have dissolved into this milky soup. Squirrel molecules are dancing with rose molecules; water made friends with heat; human, with ether. Mira observed her own molecules dispersing within the rich broth, happily floating, free at last, seeking molecules of stars to befriend. And yet they seem to know where they are going, recognize each other as being alike. They are like children running on their neighborhood streets, knowing whom they might meet out there but curious nevertheless of how the day will be played out in the end. They know who the friends are. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be good!

Judging by the rustling grass announcing steps approaching, today will be a good day!  – Good morning, Mira!”

“The wind, the wind, the wind blows high/ The snow comes falling from the sky/ Margaret Thompson says she’ll die/ For the want of the Golden City.” Sincere voices of children were singing this really old game on the back alley and Mira once again was surprised to witness her very thoughts catching form into her immediate experience. But game’s words carried her further than her own thoughts, to a place called The Golden City. Yes, this could be it! What she’s been seeking, all around the world. A certain place where everything is bathed in golden light. As she remembered, her old desire to travel returned.”
“– Just say “Hello, Life!” And say “I’m ready to play! What do you want to play with me today?” Then breathe, sit quietly, and listen … Wind, a bird, sunshine on the tea cup, sound of her feet descending the stairs, soft and melodic. Let all thoughts come and go easily, don’t involve in some game with neither one of them. You want to play with Life, remember?”
“Mira was having the best of her time here, at neighbors girls. Her peach shoes lied silent under her chair because Mira sat with bent legs underneath herself. She absolutely adored their pumpkin pies, each a tad different in flavor than the other. Lifting crumb by crumb on her fork, she paused for second before each bite to whisper in her mind “I love you, tiny crumb of pumpkin pie!”
“To feel what is to be felt, to see what is to be seen, to discover the truth of what is, … Really sense, really look, really deeply feel. Courage is needed. Let all questions melt into your real looking. Look closer and closer. Even when you feel afraid to look, even when you know you won’t like it. Look until you feel all you truly are is just … Big eyes!”
“Each bottle, an ever transforming living being, working with time to … to sift out residues, to … clear the space for the joyous marriage of elemental essences: sun, earth, rain, … and a God designed grape”.
“– A spiraling garden!

Mira’s eyes became two infinite blue oceans.

– … Composed of twelve different spiraling gardens, climbing up a mountain to a tiny flat plateau.

– Twelve gardens, repeated Mira. Spiraling … A flat destination. Up in the sky, her eyes were gazing into the blue to find that levitating spot in the sky where arrival must be.”
“Gazing in each others eyes … Deepest experience of connection with Life.”
“Feel the resonance of their voice and feel how it permeates your entire body, like waves of water, entering, passing through, then finally leaving your body-emotion. Feel how it cleanses you, how makes everything clearer inside.”
“Bring the fruit to your nose and take a full breath of its aroma. Mentally, follow the aroma inside of you and consciously notice its effects: salivation, craving, refreshing, heating up, calming, energizing, grounding, uplifting, emotional stirring, image(s) inducing. Close your eyes and notice mentally how touch and smell together create completely new sensations.”
“We are here to find how beautifully we can possibly live in this world. We are here to discover ways of easy beautiful living. We are here to live poetry, to play colors, to breathe music. Anyone can. Set your mind free and live from your heart. Do anything you do beautifully, heart inspired.”
“We play hide-and-seek sometimes. Each time obstacles are showing up from nowhere, distractions like a rustling bush, a bird leaping up right in front of me, maman Marie calling, a storm approaching, a work project deadline, phone ringing, something new appearing in the world, a hunger sensation in my stomach … Everything is trying to make me forget my direction and my goal: finding Mira. Before, I would have payed attention to these distractions, I would have considered them real or at least interesting. But they always lead to nothing. A closed road. Now I choose the opened road, the never-ending path. Now I choose to find Mira … each dawn.”
“Any time I feel any sort of unease, I go to Nature. There, I reconnect with my inner voice, my intuition and regain my natural inner harmony. Get tuned in to Life again. And what was wrong simply disappeared. But Nature is not the ultimate beauty. Life is!”
“Through white thick liquid, following the silver threads left behind by that dragonfly who rested on his arm when he was down, a black torpedo passed, waking wild life and flora from deep sleep.  “Heart beat, fast; breath, quick and deep; head, clear; muscle tone and force, optimum. I’m feeling really … ALIVE! Fear and excitement feel the same in the body. This feels good! I don’t know who I am but I feel alive!”
  In an instant all fog cleared away leaving the freshest clearest atmosphere on terra. Theo could see he has reached the beach. And there she was, playing with the waves, her arms stroking water foam, her feet sinking in wet sand, while golden rays joined hands with the breeze to dye and style her hair. All his dreams and desires collected into one spot: Mira’s heart. He ran to her. Her tears returned to the ocean.”
“Theo rested on his back in the lounge chair, eyes wide open to expand his view of the sky filled with the thick haze. He felt his chest filling with aliveness with every breath and suddenly he sensed all his energy centers aligning and freshness flowing through them easily. The same freshness flew out of his centers into the garden, the sky, the ocean, and then back again to him. He closed his eyes, waited and observed with awe this amazing phenomenon; and suddenly he knew … there is no loosing nor gaining when we are one with All That Is. It’s just about how we play”.
“Behind the english-italian garden, across the alpine meadow, beyond the edge of the hill, you slide down through tall yellow grass and reach a golden sandy beach. And a golden ocean. A whale is nursing her cub, three dolphins are leaping in that liquid gold, and an adventurous seagull has set his mind on conquering tomorrow. Two little dots of shadow are slowly stroking the vibrantly alive sea shore, trying to draw their lines of hopes and dreams, but leaving no marks at all in the end.”

Excerpts from “Theo and Mira.”