How to find an authentic unconditionally happy person in your circle

How to find a genuine unconditionally happy person in your circle of family, friends, acquaintances.

A genuine naturally happy person 

* is low-key in a group (they don’t need to attract attention on them, they prefer to find a place to sit and observe) most of the times.

* emanates all-encompassing love, compassion and understanding; they are peacemakers

* when asked for forgiveness, he offers it quickly, without judgment and with wholesome sincerity

* is very difficult to get to know because they prefer solitude, even if involved in relationships with others

* appreciates the little things like rain, sunlight through leaves of trees, a cup of tea, smile of a baby, all the mundane occurrences

* lead a simple life of daily chores, walks in parks, sitting and contemplating nature and do things they simply have to do because they showed up in their experience

* is at peace within, not seeking, not worrying

* does things as they naturally arise, not trying to make anything happen, nor trying to avoid what has occurred

* is someone you go to for comfort, to soothe your wounds and wipe your tears

* likes to take it easy, follow the natural flow of life (although he likes an exciting whirling event just like the next person, he doesn’t live for them)

* may become what people will be calling later on (long after all his work is done and battles are won) a hero.

A movie that comes to mind is The Way Home. Portraying a simple yet full life of a mountain village granny.

Text: Andreea Garden, July 2016

Image credit: Google Images