Writing a jazz song today

That man you are not
There are men in this world

who need and long for a woman

To love them

To show them the light

In the middle of the night

Who will chase away demons 

With her innocent smile.

Not you, you are not 

that kind of man.

That man, you’re not.
You set sail on your own

Spread your wings in flight

Take on the world

The one who fights alone.
There are men in this world

Who want jolly good times

Building a home

Chasing kids around

They love a good party

To dance and sing to their lady

“Unforgettable is what you are”.

Not you, you are certainly not,

That kind of man.
You set sail on your own

Adventurer, explorer

Captain of a one man ship

You are one who fights alone

Same game called love.
 Andreea Garden, July 2016