Know Your Bubble Ship and Be Free or How to Apply Practical Spiritual Knowledge For Happiness

I spent twenty years researching spirituality practices of different cultures, religions and native traditions. I realized that basic practical spirituality knowledge go hand in hand with happiness. “Know thy self!” 
Recently, I asked for a simple and clear way of explaining spirituality, an accessible to kids kind of simple.

As you know, simple is not easy to get. It requires a lot of clarification of information. 
Here is what I got. Thank you kindly for sharing it with citing as source this blog post.

 What is a bubble ship?

When a child is born, a protective and nurturing energy cocoon starts forming around this new body. It looks like a bubble from a distance although it has more the shape of an apple. I call it a ship because it is your vehicle for traveling this world. Thin threads of electromagnetic energy are beginning to form and link different parts of the body. Until your bubble is completely formed, which is at the age of two years old, you are still protected and nurtured inside your mother and/or father (or any other loving and willing adult) bubble ship.
How do I get to know my bubble ship?

Since you turned two, you are test driving your ship under the supervision of your parents and care givers. You are exploring your surroundings, taking in all available information through your senses and learning how the world works. 

When you turn thirteen, your ship is completely formed and ready for you to get to know it. Now the outside reality is not so interesting anymore as you have discovered a better source of information: your own heart center.

Until you are twenty one years old you continue to connect with your heart center and start getting to know “the pilot” of your ship, your gut feeling intuition. 

At twenty one you are feeling ready to go drive your ship on your own. If you have taken time to get to know your bubble ship you should be doing well even when faced with extreme situations. If not, you either learn from your mistakes or you keep repeating them.

Children and young people who have read a lot, listen to many stories told by elders, take their time to observe adult behavior around themselves, they are able to extract necessary information for maintaining wholeness and for driving their bubble ship. Others who are too eager to get driving on their own will run into troubles for lack of understanding and discernment. Hopefully, they learn from their own mistakes. 

Nowadays, a lot of spiritual information is available for everyone to access. Some people spend their time seeking better and better ways of translating and presenting this precious information to you. 
What are the components of my bubble ship?
HEART is the engine of your ship. It is powered continuously with information energy by the Source of Life, the Center of the Universe, the Creator and Owner of your bubble ship. Pure information flows through the Heart into your bubble, feeding and running your bubble ship by default.
COMMANDER is the captain of your ship. It is located in your head area, more exactly in middle of your brain. The captain is in charge with setting course for a destination chosen with information from the heart center. The captain must find the best way to get there, maintain the course and adjust it when necessary. 

We call a destination any endeavor your heart inspires in you, wether is raising a family, exploring the world, researching a subject or building houses or airships.

ANIMAL is captain’s animal friend in charge with keeping the body alive and whole, surviving, fighting or fleeing and entertaining, relaxing the captain with pleasures of the senses. 

VOICE is the first officer of the captain. He carries captain’s commands to all other members of the crew and from the crew to the captain. He announces to the world captain’s chosen destination.

PILOT is ship’s driver in charge setting course as commanded by captain and with staying on that course. He uses the EGS or emotional guidance system to ensure his fidelity with the course. Easy clear emotion means he is on the course, non-easy confused emotion means he slipped off.

ENGINEER of the ship is in charge with technical running and maintenance of all components of the ship. When a dis-ease is experienced it is sign for the captain to stop and take the ship to repair and tune up center (a doctor or therapist).

CONNECTOR of the ship seeks to find appropriate collaborators for your destination endeavor. When found and both the captain and the heart agree, he connects your ship with another, creating a family of ships.

MAKERS are all the small workers , the cells of body who take commands and make them happen. Their work is to move your bubble ship closer and closer to intended destination.

MEMORY is captain’s log where all experiences are recorded. They are revised by the captain to extract all necessary lessons before being released into the Engine, returned to Creator. 
What are main troubles that may arrive?

Number one trouble is a confused captain. What may cause confusion?

An Animal who is too agitated and concerned with safety and survival. This Animal is either not properly tamed by the captain or is exposed to excessive information from the senses, from the outer reality, from the world. When agitated, the animal becomes first frustrated, then angry, then depressed when his absurd requests are not met by the captain. The most absurd idea the Animal is afraid of is that of running out of information energy so the most absurd request is for captain to overtake Heart’s job of producing life giving energy for survival and entertainment. If Animal is not shut off by the captain, it will eventually disconnect the captain from the Heart, his source of real and fresh information energy. With a Captain confused and trapped in a power struggle with his Animal, the bubble ship will run on automated pilot, the Heart. 

To be continued

Andreea Garden, August 2016

Infograph Know Your Bubble Ship and Be Free

Image By Andreea Garden

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