Morning Bubble Ship Inspection Checklist

Morning Bubble Ship Inspection Checklist

( continued from “Know Your Bubble Ship and Be Free” post. Bubble Ship is my own personal space, aura, electromagnetic cocoon, merkaba, guardian angel, higher self, twin flame, or any other name you can find meaning that which is the real you). 
Today it is a brand new journey.

It is a good morning because it is a fresh start.

Aliveness status : 100%

Engine running smooth at optimum Life flow. (Life information energy continously flows fresh).

Captain, awake and holding clear vision of destination.

Animal is fed, groomed, beautifully clothed and resting content.

Voice communication system at optimum.

Engineering functioning at optimum.

Pilot awake, holding the course as commanded.

Connector systems in optimum function, contained and closed.

Makers crew at optimum function, running by default Life programmed intelligence. Memory log analyzed, essential information extracted and integrated, unnecessary information released into the Engine during the night.

All systems checked. Running at optimum.

Destination general : (fill in your own here ; in my case, authentic heart-inspired living)

Course status: smooth easy rich in experiences, selected to encounter an optimum amount of surprises and adventures

Next stop: (fill in your own here, in my case : city treasure collecting, meaning authentic purely heart-inspired, locations, events, stories, people)

Ready. Proceed. 

Andreea Garden, August 2016

Image credit: Google Images