Rumi “I have been knocking from inside”

“I have given up work and forsaken my livelihood. Instead I write poetry. My sight, my heart, my love belong to Him. All three words I have woven into one: love.”

-Jalalu’ddin Rumi

There is no other mystical poetry that makes my heart sing brighter and higher than the way Rumi’s poetry does. I simply had to speak his words of love. So I read. I collected a few favorite poems and recorded them on Soundcloud. 

Rumi Love Playlist

H. Artmann, a beautiful singer and song writer, offered collaboration for “I Have Found the Heart” poem. 

“The meaning of poetry has no sureness of direction; is like the sling, it is not under control.”
-Jalalu’ddin Rumi

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Andreea Garden, August 2016

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