Theo and Mira, Loving Life ~ my first book

“A talented artist opens his door to a purposeless intuitive spiritual wanderer. Theo, the famous painter and writer struggling with chronic anxiety, unexpectedly welcomes in his home drenched-rain-frolicking-nature-talking Mira, the girl who traveled the world around. Their story is simple in its unfolding, cliché even, from the perspective of well-read romance reader. And yet, when reading closer, one is offered the grand spectacle of watching two souls reunite while helping each other heal and grow in self-awareness. The inner workings of intuitive perceptions, soul journeying, mind reading, real intimacy, nature communication, the many games Life invites them to play in each common day, the intelligent fresh discussions between the two and within Theo’s circle of friends and masters, all and more are being weaved into the story of the birth of a relationship. A story of learning the meaning of true love. Highly interactive as much space is left open for reader’s imagination to fill in, to discover. An invitation to a fresh possibility of being in the world, beautifully, authentically soulful.”

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