Aesthetica Magazine – Interview with the Curators of CODE Art Fair, Copenhagen

“CW:Well, being a former gallerist I’m most familiar with the art fair format, and as an art advisor I still visit fairs around the world. I notice that they all have different strategies and that they communicate about art in very different ways. When we started CODE Art Fair I had a feeling or a vision of how to work with the idea of an international art fair format in a Danish context. I imagined it should be an art fair for curious people, and this has informed my selection of galleries. More generally my role has been to start building relations between gallerists, artists and collectors. I have asked everybody I’ve encountered: “Who would you like to meet? Who would it make sense for you to talk to or potentially work with?” An art fair is about building these meaningful relations. It’s fun and it may seem simple, but it can also be refined much more.”