101 Basic Spiritual Practice Manual: How to know, provide maintenance and operate your personal space (Bubble Ship) 

To my sons

We all know each person has a personal space and everyone is aware of it in some way. Most people feel it the most when it’s trespassed by uninvited people.

“I can’t breathe when someone enters my personal space” someone might complain.
Through all spiritual teachings, we learn that personal space is a matter of fact. In religious paintings it is depicted as luminous halo around saint’s body and especially head. Older esoteric teachings represent it as a tree or an egg, cocoon, double inverted pyramids, or a saucer. In New Age terminology it is referred to as aura, in neuroscience as electromagnetic field.
It has occurred to me that our personal bubble holds an important key in basic spiritual practices for happiness. I went on to automatic writing and see what gives. Information flows through and amazes me always. Its fresh fragrance is beautifully addicting.

Main components of bubble ship are main electromagnetic vortexes in the body.

The source of energy and information is of course, the very Source of Life, Qi, Prana, Center of the Universe, Central Sun, Creator and rightful Owner of All that Is (including your bubble ship; you are only lending it for a ride.)

Each bubble is connected to Source through a portal located in the center of the bubble: the heart. Just like through a worm hole, energy information flows into the bubble continuously, ever new.
HEART is the portal for energy (and information) entering the bubble. Heart is also the engine of the bubble (turning your bubble into a vehicle for traveling through space and time, hence I love the term bubble ship and the analogy with a car, sail ship, aircraft or space ship).

Understanding the heart it is crucial and the single most important thing you must remember. I know it is frustrating to conceive an inexhaustible ever fresh source of energy (no, it cannot be imagined by our human 3D reasoning brain). However, its presence and its fruits can easily be perceived without allowing the mind to launch pointless suppositions. You may start intently to contemplate nature, cosmos, biology, microbiology, geology.

Say this to your Animal mind:

“It’s morning, it’s a new day and I am still breathing, my heart kept pumping blood while my mind was deep asleep. The planets are still on their orbits. The sun is up again. Nature surrounds me, even if from some distance. Somehow, things have a way of working themselves out.” These pertinent observations should be enough until deeper understanding it is progressively offered by new information incoming through the (more and more willing, more and more opened) Heart.
So let this be your every morning mantra.
“It’s morning, it’s a new day and I am still breathing, my heart kept pumping blood while my mind was deep asleep. The planets are still on their orbits. The sun is up again. Nature surrounds me, even if from some distance. Somehow, things have a way of working themselves out.”
CAPTAIN is your reasonable logical higher evolved mind, located in the center of your brain, on the bridge that links the two brain hemispheres. This is the one and only authority of your bubble ship. Captain is you, the you who can learn and recognize that he knows, fed directly by the Heart Engine.

The Captain is responsible for setting a course for a chosen destination, as inspired with fresh information from the Heart. Captain ensures the course is kept or he/she adjusts it as necessary.
ANIMAL is Captain’s companion, the lower archaic mind, set up to ensure survival of the bubble ship and entertainment through the pleasure of the physical senses. At its best, when tamed and trained, alerts the Captain of incoming danger, preparing the fight or flight systems. At its worst, left wild and being fed sensorial information without discernment, Animal will end up by driving the Captain crazy with his incessant and absurd survival or hedonic requests. Animal grows and eventually disconnects the Captain of his true source of information, the Heart.

Animal’s most absurd and fundamental fear is that of running out of energy information and disappearing in the big darkness. This premise is the motivation of pursuing surviving activities like working the land for food, working to build shelter or working for money to buy food and shelter. In reality, material food and shelter are provided by following the guidance of heart information (but essential food is actually the very energy information flowing through the Heart, and the real shelter is your very bubble ship). Every day the Captain must gently and lovingly reassure his Animal, telling him how all things come and go, they rise and fall, how all is right …

Many extreme religions and cultures have tried to hurt and cripple Animal, forcing him to obey and submit his will to Captain. But a hurt and crippled Animal proved to be of little if any use, sad, famished, dirty, fearful. As a reaction to this approach, many people nowadays go on the opposite extreme, letting their Animal free and wild, “to do what he wants to”. This approach too leads to little results in achieving real everlasting happiness, mainly because the Animal has little discernment of what, when and how to choose something authentic, real good, and with moderation. Being left alone in the world, he bangs around trying everything, becoming more and more frustrated and fearful as he does not find that what he needs: his Captain’s love and protection. (Read “Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

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It is best if Captain tames his Animal, gaining his trust and loyalty, understands and accepts him just as he is. A beautiful sufficiently fed and well groomed animal is a visible proof of Captain’s mastery in caring for, educating and conducting his Animal.

VOICE is first officer of the Captain, the one who carries Captain’s commands to all other systems and announces the world of Captain’s intended destination. It is known that “in the beginning, there was the word”, that the universe was created through sound. Vibration of sound, a word has the power to hold in place, enhance or to collapse a world. That’s why it is so important to learn to control the words that come out, because each word we speak will become reality at some point. Captain must only speak that which he or she desires to happen, only clear commands of intended destinations.
PILOT drives the bubble ship, being located in the center of the abdomen, the solar plexus vortex. By using that “gut feeling hunch” or the EGS (emotional guidance system) signaling off the track by non-easy emotion and on the right track by easy emotion, Pilot is able to navigate the ship on safe smooth easy paths. At its best, Pilot is under the command of the Captain. At its worst, Pilot is subject to the tyranny of the Animal, being commanded to drive off-road, against EGS, in order to fulfill the absurd requests of the Animal in charge. Hence, dis-ease manifests in the bubble ship, ultimately affecting the physical body.
ENGINEERING is in charge with technical running and function maintenance of entire bubble ship systems. It is located in the liver and pancreas areas of the body. Engineering is directly connected to the Engine in normal situation. When Animal confuses enough the Captain, he commands the Pilot to drive the bubble into unsafe stressing situations which puts too much pressure on Engineering. Eventually, mutiny is installed, releasing the Captain of his command and resting the body horizontally (falling sick) where Engineering may perform repair and regeneration of the bubble ship. Heart Engine runs the bubble ship by default Creator instructions.
CONNECTOR is bubble’s relating and reproductory system. After the age of thirteen when bubble ship is fully formed, Connector starts functioning, seeking and attempting to link own bubble ship with another for gathering more information and energy, hence increasing the speed of reaching intended destination. A family of bubbles forms as a result of this association. Connector is linked directly both to Heart Engine and to Captain, so only when both agree, an association may be tied. Otherwise, Connector is to remain closed to prevent energy information leakage. When Animal confuses the Captain, Animal might be successful at obtaining control over Connector, abusing it for entertainment, depleting the bubble ship of precious nurturing energy information.
MAKERS are all individual cells of the body and all energy-information units of the bubble. They are directly Creator programmed to fulfill the needs and desires of the Captain, manifesting inch by inch the actual move towards intended destination. Unless tempered with by Animal, Makers perform their work flawlessly, without any direct supervision by Captain. They run by default, through direct Heart information and energy. Uncontrolled Animal may infect the cells with small pieces of absurd information (virus) causing dysfunction.
MEMORY is Captain’s archive, his log where all experiences are recorded. It is located at top front of the brain, working all day long to connect related information and store it for future reference. However, every evening Captain must perform the task of overviewing the log, extracting only necessary essential information, and integrating it in Pilot’s computer (the subconscious mind), a part of the brain where programs for automatic actions and behaviors are kept and run for transporting the bubble ship to intended destination. Auditory logical voice, sightings and images, emotions, all these make up the memory bulk. Some people prefer to write and keep a journal of their experiences. Others like to talk with friends. Yet others like to sit in solitude each evening and contemplate the day which just ended. It is up to you what method you use, but make sure your give Captain’s enough time for himself to perform this important task of memory bin deleting. If not performed, headaches appear accompanied by a feeling of overwhelment.
How To Clean Your Bubble Ship
There is only one kind of garbage that clouds and make your ship stink: thoughts. Information.

As you travel and meet with others, you see, hear and touch all kinds of stuff. All these stuff (words you heard, images you’ve seen, objects you’ve touched) become thoughts when they enter your bubble. They don’t have to stay, only as long as Captain considers he needs them or as long as Animal likes them, for his entertainment.

At least every evening, Captain must perform a general bubble cleanse.

Easiest way is to sit quietly and observe how pure information energy (most frequently experienced as a white and golden light) flowing from the Engine Heart fills his bubble, while all else dissipates in light.

Each person’s experience is unique and cannot be explained in detail without compromising the mystery and the magic that happens naturally.

Deep breathing helps the Captain to focus and maintain his attention on his chest area, having a physical sensation of filling and emptying to associate to the energy flow.
How to Repair Your Bubble Ship
First you do the cleaning as described above. If a part of your body feels dis-eased (not-at-ease) and heavy, that means that part needs repair. To repair it, Captain focuses his attention on that area, feeling how lots pure energy information from the Engine Heart flows directly into that body part. You may feel not so pleasant sensations (but not very annoying either) while the repair process takes place. When completed, you will feel ease and lightness. Depending on the seriousness of your damage, repair process may take from a few minutes session to many repeated repair sessions.
If you do this every day, nothing will get so extremely damaged that in can’t be repaired in a few minutes.
How Do I Keep my Bubble Ship Whole and Healthy
Only one may interfere in your smooth journey and cause trouble: the Animal. If this is tamed, well trained, loved and cared for, all will be fine. If Animal is left wild, he may cause trouble in all and each other major components.

Animal may be extremely smart, coining many theories to support his suppositions and requests. His smartness confuses the Captain, diverting his focus away from Heart’s pure information.
Animal’s fundamental theory regards the disconnection to the Source of energy information. This is the premise for worrying for food and shelter or for money to pay for food and shelter. If the Captain believes this theory, he focuses all his energy towards finding either work for money or on making his own food and shelter. He is never disconnected from the continuous flow of Heart pure information energy, but instead of using it for creative endeavors, he channels all of it into coming up with more and more innovative ways of making money, food and shelter, and when all these in place, entertainment. But soon he will feel something essential is missing, unfulfiled. Then he starts questioning and seeking a deeper meaning to life, eventually practicing some spiritual techniques which might propel him towards self discovery and truth. But there is always that untamed Animal in the way.

The second Animal theory tries to convince of his needs for sensorial (external) stimulation and mental entertainment. For these, he throws “I want” temper tantrums that will create great discomfort for the Captain, blinding his judgment and power of discernment, commanding and sending the bubble ship into stressful damaging situations. The Pilot is damaged by driving too much off road, away from intended course. Engineering suffers because the ship runs against the way it was made to run, overdriving. Connector is also damaged as Animal wants it kept open for exaggerated pleasure needs. While Connector stays open, all pure energy information leaks out of the bubble, leaving it drained of life energy. Last, Makers even might end up dysfunctional by infection with Animal created virus. (Nature does not create viruses).

Captain fights the Animal for a long time. This battle causes Animal frustration, disappointment, anger and eventually depression. Depression is a sign Animal has been defeated, at least temporarily.

When Captain feels overwhelmed by the untamed Animal and gives up the fight, we witness clinical obsessive-compulsive, maniac behavior. “He is an animal” people say in folks language about someone who has lost his bearings.

Nowadays, Animal discovered many shrewd ways to hide his Captain’s inability to tame; Animal has been extremely creative at getting his own will : competitive sports, mass-media entertainment offers, chaotic excessive information absorption. They are all socially acceptable channels through which Animal can access energy information and fool around as much as he wants while keeping the Captain confused if not completely asleep.

Captain, Start Here: Know your Animal, Know Yourself
As you discovered, all troubles start and end with untamed or inappropriately tamed Animal. Teen and early youth years are the best for getting to know your Animal. This is the time when Captain is sufficiently grown and his (higher) mind starts separating from Animal’s (lower) mind.

The best stories are teaching this skill. (Pinocchio for example).

In native american tradition, a child will go out in the woods on his own to meet his animal. Later on, parents and other adults will encourage the child to get to know his animal with every question that troubles the child. This is a gentle approach of the Captain – Animal relationship. This practiced can be found, some form or another (usually stories and initiation rituals) in all native traditions.

At first, the Animal will complain “I am hungry”, “I am cold”, “I want to be seen as big or beautiful or smart or important (or all)”, “I want to go places, see everything, taste everything”, “I want to know everything”, “I want to be rich”, “I want it now”. It takes patience and inner communication to learn how to keep your animal satisfied and especially how to calm his worries.

“You have everything you need”, “All in good time”, “You can’t eat everything right now anyhow”.

A caring Captain who takes his time will have by his side a healthy and loyal companion.
How to Configure, Program and Drive Your Bubble Ship
With Animal satisfied and calm, Captain is now able to receive information energy from Heart Engine. Captain will clearly identify what is the destination or the purpose of his journey/life.

Rules. As you probably realized, your bubble ship is one individual cell of the universe. Hence, your bubble ship is formed and functions according to the rules of the universe.

  1. Rule no. 1 is the rule of One. All is indivisibly connected to the One universe.

  2. Rule no. 2 is the rule of information-energy. All is information-energy, in various forms and degrees of organization. Each different form of information-energy organization has a certain vibration, an energy signature.

  3. Rule no. 3 is rule of transformation. All energy is perpetually moving and transforming from one state to another. Nothing stays the same except the rules of the universe.

  4. Rule no. 4 is the rule of ordered rhythm. Transformation takes place in orderly rhythms, like seasons succeeding each other, like day and night, like birth and death.

  5. Rule no. 5 is the rule of creation. Energy manifests itself through two different principle: feminine and masculine. When these two principles “dance harmoniously” a new bubble of the universe is created.

  6. Rule no. 6 is the rule of balance. As within, so without. As above, so bellow. The rule of balance keeps all things “just right” not too much, not too little. If one part diminishes, another grows. If one part grows, another diminishes. Moderation it is the wisest choice so balance it’s not disturbed.

  7. Rule no. 7 is the rule of free will. This rule gives each new formed bubble complete power of decision regarding its own particular voyage through time and space while maintaining its unbreakable connection to the Source.

A Master Captain knows and respects all these rules when conducting his ship.

Configure your bubble ship and choose a destination

Once the rules are practiced and learned, Captain may proceed to implementing his preferred configurations. This step is called “creating your reality”, or “manifesting”, “deliberate creating” in spiritual teachings. It is called scripting or writing your story.

In other words, Captain is free to pick his preferences for his life experience and program them into Pilot’s computer (subconscious mind).

First choice: choose who you are in your story

Second: choose how your day feels like

Third choice: choose what you do

Fourth choice: choose how you do what you do

Fifth choice: choose your rendezvous (who do you meet and associate with)

Sixth choice: choose your setting (place where your story takes place)
Program your Pilot computer
There are many ways to program your choices in Pilot’s Computer.

  • Write them on stickies and place them all over your home and your work space. The idea is to repeat reading them often.

  • Find images of your choices and place them where you bump your nose into them often.

  • Record your calm voice saying your choices and listen to that as often as possible (even while you sleep).

The clearer and simpler they are, the easier to program.
Driving or Operating Your  Bubble Ship

So now your Pilot’s computer holds your intended destination.

Captain starts accessing and directing power from Heart Engine to propel your bubble ship towards it. He “keeps his dream alive” by thinking and holding as many positive expectations as possible. Other than that, Captain’s duty now is to relax and rest. Now is the time to do your hobbies, listen music, dance, walk, sleep, contemplate nature, even fall in love. All these mental softening activities ensure a perfect connection with Pilot.

Pilot holds his focus on keeping the ship on the right course. EGS (emotional guidance system) sends Pilot constant feed-back regarding his fidelity with the intended course. We feel these as hunches or intuition or “good vibes”, “bad vibes” indicating you’ve slipped off. Now you see why it is important to soften your logical thinking and follow your gut’s hunches.

Through mysterious and unexpected loops and strings, mobilizing a universal aggregate of big and small components like sudden occurrences, ideas, intuition, synchronistic rendezvous, people, events, Universe changes your state of being, from here to where you want to be. Your actual journey is in fact sifting the world full of diversity and choosing your own thing. The rest is just a matter of … hanging loose.

“Fair winds and following seas, Captain!”

Andreea Garden, August 2016 – heart inspired writing

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