A TED Talk about introverts ~ Susan Cain

Outside my bubble ship the show of the worlds happens.Inside, I collect my treasures.

Outside my bubble ship I interpret what I see, hear or touch in the world.

Inside my bubble ship I brew and distill all my perceptions.

Outside, I speak of my intentions.

Inside, I set a course and drive myself towards them.

Outside I receive the joy in people’s eyes. 

Inside my bubble ship I dig up, clean and simply offer to the world my diamonds.

Inside, I desire, I dream, I go after and … yes, receive it all. 

The universe makes collaboration happen, by means and laws we haven’t even begun to understand. 

Yes, all in good balance, inner- outer. 

Inside my bubble ship the source of happiness is to sought and ultimately found.

She speaks of me, she utters my essence, the core of what I stand for … 

Inner Friend. 

My extrovert action is my writing.

Andreea Garden ~ August, 2016