Heart Inspired or Animal Inspired and Why Both are Necessary

An addendum to 101 Basic Spiritual Practice Manual

Heart Inspired or Animal Inspired
In the original well functioning bubble ship, there are only two sources of inspiration (out of which information-energy in the form of thoughts-ideas flow towards the Captain) : the Heart and the Animal.

Information from the Heart is always about moving your bubble ship forward and higher. Heart information energy it is only concerned with passionate propulsion forward at maximum speed towards what is new and exciting. 

Animal information energy is about maintaining integrity of the bubble ship, therefore slowing down, fueling and feeding, enjoying what is here, deterring or fighting dangers. 

Both are necessary. All martyrs disregarded Animal inspiration. But an overactive Animal (too much attention given to survival and enjoyment thoughts) causes main dysfunctions in bubble ship.

Each thought leaves a mark in the bubble ship like an energy signature. It is called emotion and this mark is received by the EGS (Pilot’s emotional guidance system). 

The upward spiraling emotions higher than hope signify a Heart inspired thought, the downward spiraling emotion means an Animal inspired thought.

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Now we can identify what is the exact thought causing our present emotion. Now the Captain knows whom to speak to (Heart or Animal). 
Captain (conscious higher mind) will use reason and logic to temper any excessive spiraling. The middle way, somewhere around contentment and positive expectation, with sparing enthusiasm pulses is the right balance for a long bubble ship life. 

Example Animal talk “Calm down. It’s ok. We are doing fine right now. Right now we have nothing to worry about. We are always taken care of.”

Example Heart talk “Yes, I hear you. Yes, we are going. Yes, thank you. I appreciate your input. I love your vison. Yes, let’s do it now. Just for the fun.”

Spirituality for Fun Project

Andreea Garden, August  2016