How do we identify with vocabulary animal-survival/ego-building vs. a heart inspired living and how can we cross over?

How do we identify animal-survival/ego-building living vs. a heart inspired living and how can we cross over?

What if the real revolution of our times means crossing from a animal-survival/ego-building based living to a heart inspired one?

These questions are at the basis of my most recent research. My testing ground is as always, my own life. I observe myself and those around me, my husband, my kids and my extended family members and friends over long periods of time. I try new techniques. I notice subtle changes. 

As with all change, first I needed to learn to discern how it is different that which is now from that which I desire. How an animal-ego based attitude looks like and sounds like and feels like as opposed to a heart inspired attitude?

I realized our deepest attitudes transpire through the vocabulary we use. I put together a list of words for the two perspectives.
Animal-survival/ego-building will sound and feel like this:

Must Fight Survive Earn Eat Shelter Money Security Safety Hard Work Problems Solve Difficult Prove Decide Choose Want (badly) Angry Frustrated Agitated Anxious Doubtful Uncertain Extreme Numb Sleepy Confused Tired Unworthy Unhealthy Struggling Pushing Trying Fearful Controlled Old Messy Inconsistent Controlling Obsessive Attention-drawing Over excited
Heart Inspired Lifestyle sounds and feels like this:

Appreciation Abundance Allow Receive Acknowledge Understand Situation Event Occurrence Create Inspired Inspiring Trusting Easy Flow Acceptance Calm Peaceful Eager Clear Centered Awake Rested Knowing Worthy Youthful Vibrant Healthy Clear-minded Clean Consistent Supportive Temperate Moderation
How we cross over from one style of living to another
I remember clearly each phase of my life and how they succeeded: stable, peaceful, spiritual and then uncertain, noisy, materialistic. And repeat.
I cross from a heart inspired state to an animal state by simply wanting something bad enough to go out and try to get it. And then all hell breaks loose.

In the other direction, from animal-ego to heart, I usually cross by consciously and intently starting to appreciate. I write as many “I love …” statements as I can. Also, I plan to think In terms of what I love. “I love nature. I love the sun. I love animals. I love the sky. I love the rain. I love my family. I love my home. I love my stuff. I love going for a walk. I love this … i love that” 
Slowly, my entire being relaxes and I start feeling what I call being in love. Being in love is not about someone else but a state of being at ease with life, feeling its flow through me and through all things and people. 

There are so many other ways of crossing to heart living. Pick the easiest and most direct. 

* doing something you love and naturally are good at

* holding and petting a cat or a dog

* taking a nature walk

* writing in your journal lists of things you love

* hanging out with a good friend

* meditation

* sleeping

* watching a good comedy

* changing something, like your wardrobe, or your city, your country, your job, …

Once you get there, it feels like heaven. Many nuances of feelings become evident, not sensorial brain related feelings but purely heart produced feelings … and visions and knowing. 
Real love. 

I hope this helps you reach that nice place inside your heart we call heaven. 

Be the Captain of your ship , sail free and easy!
Andreea Garden, August 2016