Bubble Ship Q & A and a Call to Action

A few weeks ago, inspired from a desire to explain the essence of spirituality teachings to my kids, I wrote an article about how to know your personal space (calling it, for kids fun, bubble ship) and be free. A few days later, I elaborated the idea of that article and it became the 101 Basic Spiritual Practice Manual: How to know, provide maintenance and operate your personal space (Bubble Ship).

I realized this model cumulated in a compressed form all most important yet complicated spiritual teachings: self mastery, self transcendence, overcoming old survival habits, connection with Source of Life, mind clearing, deliberate creating, deep physical and emotional healing, true love, real unconditional happiness, world perception. To me it became the one simple all-purpose spiritual tool: for mental clarity, for emotional balance, for physical health, for manifesting my desires, for personal growth, for understanding, most of all for fun. I love its simplicity and playfulness. 

 I invite you, dear readers and followers, to take my bubble ship for a test drive and send me your impressions and more questions. Your questions, comments and suggestions from your sincere curiosity and need for practical understanding, will stimulate more clarifying information flow. To get you started, I already answered a few FAQ regarding this new explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bubble ship?

It’s a model, better said a story, of explaining how human body, mind and soul, powered by the Source of Life, work together, expanding life and universe, generating your life experience. It is also a basic tool in your day-to-day life for personal space cleaning, body and emotion repairing (healing), consciously acting, overcoming old detrimental habits, connecting with others. 

Generate life experience?

Yes. You see, on the inner screen of your bubble ship (which we call “the world”) all your experience (which we call “your life”) unfolds in front of your eyes including you as the main actor, just like in a movie. Your conscious mind (we call it the Captain of your bubble ship) directs this movie (unless your Animal mind gets in the way, challenging the Captain for the director seat). Your Heart is the producer.

Every person has a bubble ship?

Yes. Absolutely. It is completely formed after the age of two, and is completely functional after the age of twenty-one. 

Is the human body a part of the bubble ship?

Yes. The human body is main frame holding all main components that make the bubble ship work. But the bubble ship extends a few feet beyond the human body.

How is the bubble ship similar to personal space?

Everyone knows there is a certain comfortable distance for social interaction between two people. When that distance is crossed, you feel uncomfortable. That distance indicates the size of your bubble ship. 

Why do you call it “ship”?

Because it feels like a vehicle of traveling through space and time, hence building experiences.

Did others talk about something similar before?

It appears in christian theology as a white light halo surrounding the body of saints. In esoteric spirituality they talk about protective light, cocoon, aura or Merkaba, vehicle of travel. Scientific community (see the Heart Math Institute and Resonance Project Foundation) refers to it as human’s bio electromagnetic field.

Is the bubble ship scientifically proven?

There was a time when the flat earth was scientifically proven and stories about underwater or air flying vehicles were just plain fiction. Each day we learn about new connections between ancient spiritual understandings and scientific discoveries. Each day more intuitively discovered ideas catch the interest of a scientist or mathematician who will do what he knows best until he ultimately proves their validity. To this day, I believe this model of human electromagnetic field is already 80% proven by more than one scientist. However, I believe our society has been obsessed with science for centuries now. It is a masculine left-brain trait to first test and learn you can trust intuitive information. But let’s not get too carried away with science. We might forget to live and love. We might become mad in trying to prove presence of love and the fact we are alive. I prefer to use the term “useful story” for the bubble ship. Through stories, ancient civilizations transmitted their elders’s wisdom to the next generations. Through stories, brilliant old men like Jules Verne inspired today’s scientific discoveries and technology.

What makes the bubble ship different than what others are teaching right now?

The inspiration of the model “bubble ship” came as a response to my asking for a single and simple happiness explanation, one that I may use to convey to my children the necessary spiritual understandings and practices for a happy life. Bubble ship contains a complex subject and world phenomenon (spirituality) and makes it simple to understand and user friendly. Very much like the electric bulb contains electricity, the car contains propulsion, or the PC contains information processing power.

I am amazed of the beauty and simplicity that I have received. I’ve been in a EUREKA state ever since. Finally, I have found it. The bubble ship idea it is not new. What is new is cleaning it, simplifying it and turning it into the one essential necessary practical tool for living better lives. I realize now this is a suitable happiness tool for anyone to use, regardless their religious beliefs, their education, their nationality, their age, their race, their IQ. 

What is the bubble ship all about? The main idea …

Bubble ship is human’s personal space, the one and only thing he has absolute control of. The basis of happiness is You, the conscious mind, the Captain of your ship, becoming a master at understanding and conducting your personal space.

The main components of the bubble ship are found in the body, more precisely in the energetic vortexes corresponding to fundamental organs: top of head, the middle brain, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the liver, the reproductive system, and the cells. All, except the cells, link directly to the middle brain where the conscious mind resides (the Captain). The Captain can directly operate all components with his intended focused attention. Each component has a specific function in the same way components of a car or ship do.

What is the world then?

The world is like a bucket filled with cheap plastic toys presented like a default movie in front of our eyes on the inner screen of our bubble ship. It’s everything and nothing of real value. Each human being has full access to this bucket, to pick one or two cheap toys, use them as models and make real gems (if you are a maker), come up with new groundbreaking theories (if you are a thinker), find a new pair of eyes (if you are a traveler), or invent a new game (if you are a player). Just for fun. You get to write, direct and play lead role in your own movie. 

How do you share this tool?

For now, through writing. I wrote a tutorial crash course, 101 Basic Spiritual Practice Manual, and published it on my website theoandmira.com . People will take it, test drive it, then send me questions and suggestions. Their questions will stimulate more information flow which will clarify and refine the model further. Eventually, a full course book will form. I am just an explorer and writer. And an introvert. I will need assistance with social media presence, graphics and publishing. I trust all will present itself when the time is right, under the best conditions.

What spirituality methods or teachings were most influential for you?

First teacher for me was nature. I spent a lot of my childhood and especially teen years contemplating nature. Second, were my grandmothers; one grandma taught me how to listen nature; the other grandma taught me to go my own way in spite of what is expected of me. As for spiritual teachers, I resonated best with New Testament teachings, Eckhart Tolle, Hew Len, Abraham Hicks, and Mooji. 

What are your hopes and desire for the bubble ship tool?

I hope it will reach as many as possible people and they will use it for their happiness.

What other projects are on your plate right now?

Heart Inspired Living is a broad project that includes finding and gathering heart inspired people, stories, places and building bridges between them. It is a daring project for an introvert dreamer lonely writer that I am. I think it is time I stepped out of my hermit hole. A new book is waiting to be written on my return back home: Part two of Theo and Mira

What does “home” mean to you?

It’s a feeling of supreme coziness, a deep core knowing all is well, implicit worthiness, lovingness … A peace, unspeakable.

How can we contact you?

You may leave a comment on this post or send me a direct WordPress message. I will RSVP as soon as possible. 

Fair winds and following seas, Captain! 🙂

Spirituality for Fun Project

Andreea Garden, August 2016