How a new life arises using heart’s energy and bubble ship practice

We all know when it is time for a change, when everything in your life seems stale or just too mixed up. Nothing exciting to do, nothing new to look forward to, no fun, no stories, no journeys, old clothes, old books, old tapes, old habits, old house, old stuff. It is time to reboot. Start fresh.
Yesterday, I listened to Marie Kondo, a young woman from Japan, who is consultant and teacher in organizing your space. She is bubbly and refreshing to listen to and watch, although she only speaks Japanese. Marie has developed her own personal method for cleaning, tidying up and simplifying your life: do it all at once; use categories to sort; use the “spark joy” criteria for deciding which items stay. You must start with your clothes, then books, then miscellaneous, then documents, then souvenirs. 
I loved the “spark joy” criteria. We all keep so much stuff for any other reasons than their joy inducing power. No wonder we get bogged down and feel so remote from our true natural selves.

I loved the gratitude you must express for all items you let go of, for they served you and helped you become who you are now. 
Watch Marie Kondo’s genie at work

In a similar way, I do a bubble cleaning now. It is time for a new life. 

Step 1. I meditate and focus my attention on the unlimited flow of pure energy pouring from my heart into my bubble. “I let all stuff go” I speak. 

Step 2. I watch with my inner eyes how my bubble fills with sparkling golden and white particles of light, just like fine glitter, spinning upwards and downwards in threads. If any part of my body feels weak or unwell, I direct an increased flow of energy towards it. Only one thought I keep : “I let all go”. 

Step 3. I keep focused on ever increasing concentration of “glitter” into my bubble. Soon, I feel my bubble expanding slowly. First, to a few feet wide, than more and wider, comprising my house, then my neighborhood, then my town …

Now, my entire world is clean. Next, things I’ve been collecting within my heart will start appearing, one by one. So fresh. First, I see them with my mind’s eye. Then, they’ll be material.

Now, all I need to do is stay alert and be ready to receive heart generated “stuff”. 

And let a new life begin.

Spirituality for Fun Project

Andreea Garden, August 2016