Only one way out of struggle, poverty and fear: own your innate creativity

There will never be enough fighting to keep peace.
There will never be enough fear to keep you safe.

There will never be enough poverty to keep you fed.

Now is the best time to snap out of the survival mode of playing the game.

Now is the best time to recognize that

you have talents or skills, 

you have massive knowledge about one subject of another, 

are things you can build very well, 

music calls to you to birth it, 

dance movements keep you awake all night, 

ideas and simple solutions to massive world problems found their way into your brain and under your typing fingers, 

you can envision beauty that hasn’t yet been seen in the world, 

you can communicate telepathically or empathically or intuitively with animals, 

colors and shapes and emotions inhabit your brain for decades, 

simple words may convey mind-blowing messages useful for many, 

you are the savior you’ve been waiting for. 
Now it is time to shake off old memories, ignore all “noise” around you and FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST. 

Keep breathing deeply, meditate on heart’s pure energy and …

Just do it now. 

No excuses. No apologies. No procrastination. 
There is no other way out! 
Andreea Garden, August 2016