What to ask for ~ a poem

Oh, desires! Who sowed you in my heart? Who keeps me reaching? 

Who wants me begging in knees? 

Who waits for my tears? 

Who proves wrong my every idea? 

Who rejoices when every attempt to save myself fails? 

Who loves me being there, on the edge, praying without words? 

Who loves me falling … 

The heart opener. The catcher. The owner. The maker. The gardener. The healer and restorer. New life giver. 
No point in asking for peanuts. 

Don’t ask for things, don’t even ask for feelings. Ask for a complete makeover! 

Don’t ask for a certain trait or personality. Ask to become a community! 

Don’t ask for a lover and a love story. Ask for a fairy tale!

 Don’t ask for power to do things! Ask for the state of doing! 

Don’t ask for a flower. Ask for the entire fragrant garden! 
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