An Heart Opening Course (Adventure) ~ the outline

One adventure that everyone 


Feels called to take:

The journey to their heart.

Opening the door 

And entering ….

Opening the windows

Breathing there

Living there.
Level One:

Fight all the windmills you meet in your life.

Realize the futility.

Satisfy all your senses pleasures.

Realize the futility.

Accomplish all ambitions.

Realize the futility.
Level Two:

Seek some spiritual guidance 

Of some sort, 

matters not which religion or cultural system.

Learn to sit quietly with yourself.
Level Three:

Listen deeply mystical words.

Notice how you feel inside.

Be brave. Stay.

Steer your mind away from troubles.
Level Four:

Go out and walk in nature.

Star gaze.

Watch birds and animals.

Flower gaze. Watch the opening.

Eat berries and drink spring water.

Lay on the grass.

Be quiet and listen.
Level Five:

Find good art.

Listen and look, 

beyond sound or images.

Seek the fire of passion,

Guess the thought.

Be brave,

Feel artist’s desire.
Level Six:

Let your heart flow.

It’s playtime.

Play with colors.

Play with sounds.

Play with shapes.

Play with tastes.

Play with fabrics.

Play with nature.

Play with others.

Let your open heart’s

Inspiration move

Your fingers,

Your hand,

Your tongue,

Your eyes.
Level Seven:

Fall in love.


© & Andreea Garden, September 2016

Image by Andreea Garden