All desires share one destination: love.

Love, incomprehensible happiness.
Love, a river so strong, reason must obey.

Love, a queen dress to wear each day.

Love, dew innocence of children play.

Love, ecstatic dance, intoxicated, gay.

Let’s fall in love.

Falling in love, let it be our daily task.

Falling in love, let it be lovers shop

Where they come to buy sweet aroma

For their roses and lilac bath

For their lavender sheets

For their frangipani hair

For their heavenly essence

Morning breeze breath.

Come, let’s wake into love,

Set this day free to proceed.

Come, let’s walk by the sea,

Hand in hand, let’s melt into each other

To eternal end.

© & Andreea Garden, September 2016

Image from Unsplash. Thank you.