Life poetry

Falling asleep at noon
Laying on painful soft grass

Offering clouds a childish amusement.

Sensing time’s flow in ear drums

Ordered, cold cadence in metallic arms.

Allowing seconds to pass

Finding deliciously amusing their boastful parade. 

Walking on earth knowing you walk

Feeling a little older each step.

Playing pretend a most beautiful fairy,

Jovial and happy without reason,

Laughing and singing for garden bugs.

Flying accross the world

Weaving thin shawl for the earth.

Returning home again, for rest,

Where master of heart awaits

Quiet sitting at overflowing table,

After, passing to golden veranda,

Eyes speaking only,

Perhaps an hymn will arise, timid and mysterious,

At first … Later, heard even by the moon.
© & Andreea Garden 2016

Image by Andreea Garden