Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation 

Hello, dear friends.

I apologize for holding back my expressions. I felt confused lately. Thanks to a loyal friend who relentlessly supports my work, encouraging me to write and post regardless, @New England Nomad, I came back to my senses, my real senses. I write because I enjoy it and makes me feel alive. All rest is redundant. 

Life in a big city. I decided to do what I know to do best: practice the Art of Life Appreciation, in the city life, that is. I made a list of what I love the most about life in the city and will do my best … uhm, appreciating it. Head of list are, of course, parks and gardens, followed by classical music, then jazz, then architecture, then art and culture, then interior design, then fashion and lastly, food. I’ll be reaching for the invisible, for the soul behind the scene, for the intelligence and beauty of spirit. What else a mystic can do?

The city I am exploring at this time is called Sibiu. I apologize in advance for the not-top-notch quality of my photos (I dread uploading and editing photos, as I hate sitting in front of my Ipad for hours; I take photos with my Iphone or my Ipad). I’ll keep it simple (the posting process) so I can focus on what matters: the soul of the place. 

I wonder …
Yours truly,

A. Garden