Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Sibiu Architecture p.1

House of Romanian cultural association
Astra Museum, Sibiu
Old Credit Bank, current City Hall of Sibiu

Romans’ Emperor Hotel, Sibiu

Evangelical Church, Sibiu
Beautiful house covered in ivy, Sibiu
House on Mitropoliei Street, Sibiu

Reading “Sibiu – City stories” at Astra Library. 

Sibiu is 900 years old but has never been conquered by any invader.

Sibiu was the capital of one of the most important Habsburg Monarchy’s province, Transylvania. 

Sibiu is the home of many “firsts”: first museum in Romania, first Zoo garden, first paper mill, first bookstore,  first hospital, first pharmacy, first mountain resort (Paltinis), first theatre building, and many more.

Sibiu was 2007 European Capital of Culture, hosting thousands of cultural events, many of them with international participation : theatre, jazz, film, dance, photography, classical music, architecture and many more. 

No wonder I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the diversity and the dynamic life style. I want to be everywhere, experience everything. I wish to listen stories. I want to learn from people who love Sibiu. (next item on my to do list: get more social!!!)  Tomorrow is music day at Philharmonica Sibiu: symphony concert; conductor KOICHIRO KANNO (Japan).
Bye for now. 

P.S. I love beautiful buildings. I love the way they join the landscape with the skyscape, like fairy tale bridges. 

Images by Andreea Garden