Time for shifting premises of life on earth

Reading some history, it occurred to me … entire history of human kind is based on one single premise: “must be bigger/better” 

We extrapolate that to “must conquer, must defend”, “must induce my idea to as many as possible, must reign and own as much as possible, must take a stand on what I believe in, must defend what is rightfully mine, must train/educate my children to believe in what I believe, to carry on my assignment, must fight to survive, …”

I dare to make a supposition: theory and rule of the fittest, the fundamental premise of theory of evolution, might be just a human lens perception of the natural world (there are lots of proofs for that nowadays.) 

We are not to compete for life. Life is a gift equally given to all of us. We are not here to compete not even with our better selves. We are to follow them, to become them. 

Andreea Garden, October 2016

Image from Unsplash