Let the world be

I made a bet with Life

When I was young.

I said “Life, I bet I can

Thrive in any conditions

As long as I remember 

To feel You close.

So go ahead and make me

One of your agents. 

I will heal, restore and lift others,

I will give birth and raise new humans,

I will pacify and harmonize troubled hearts

I will sow seeds of joy and appreciation

I will run wherever pain calls

I will show compassion to those who don’t know love.

… Until the day I miss home.

When that day comes, 

You will bring me back home.”
Life laughed.
This has been my game with Life.

It’s been … 

well, … a game.

Away from home. Outside of it.

Now it’s time to go back in.

I want to be Life. 

I am heaven on earth.

No more games.

Let the world be.

Andreea Garden, November 2016

Image from Unsplash
Image from Unsplash

“Take a wish into the well (your heart, that is)

That’s all you have to do

If you hear it echoing 

Your wish will soon come true.”