World. Learn. Play

You came in this world because it is fun to be here.
The world has some basic rules so everybody can have fun. Parents teach kids these basic rules. 

People have invented many kinds of games in this world (hunting, building, flying, researching, trading stuff, farming, fishing, caring for others, and all the other things people do). Each game has its own set of rules. 

There are people who choose to teach others the rules of the games. They are the educators. 

There are people who always complain they cannot play games because they have not learned the rules, so they condemn themselves to surviving through hard work. It’s never too late to learn the rules. 

You know what kind of learner you are. Which way you remember and integrate best (seeing, hearing or doing)?

You know what your game is. It’s what makes you feel alive. Ask to learn the rules of that game. Now, go out and do it! 

And remember! When a game loses its fun it becomes work. It’s time to learn a new game.

There are different ways of teaching the same set of rules. Find one that suits you.

Andreea Garden, November 2016


Image from Unsplash
Image from Unsplash