The Big Game

“Hello, Life Player!
We, Theo and Mira, the creators of The Big Game, greet you!

Congratulations for deciding to take part in Life’s joy of being! It’s the best game in this entire Universe. It’s the game Life is playing. You get to feel and join in the fun Life has.

Let us begin your training. 
Phase One. Sense aliveness.

In phase one of your preparatory training, you learn to sense aliveness all around and within yourself.

Sit in a quiet place, preferably nature. Turn off your chattering mind. Pay 100% attention to your breath. Observe what you feel. Now try to feel the breath of nature surrounding you. Pick one tree or one plant. Focus on that which makes it alive.

Then, go on to feeling aliveness in all nature around. 

Come back to feeling aliveness in your own body.

Phase Two. Sense your body’s vertical axis (the Sword of Life)

Stand quietly and feel the flow of alive Life inside your body, running upward, from heart to top of your head, and downward from heart to feet. 

Phase Three. Feel maximum aliveness.

Stand and feel how alive you are, how everything around is alive. Remember a time when you felt most alive. With your imagination, bring it into this present moment.

Phase Four. Name that Monster

At any moment you feel less than maximum aliveness, that indicates the presence of a monster (thoughtform) messing around, with yourself or another near you. 

All you have to do is identify it. Name it. Let the Sword of Life do the rest.















Phase Five. Creative Play.

From the abundance of what is here, collect a few items. Make something.”
Excerpt from “Theo and Mira – The Big Game” by Andreea Garden