Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Celibidache Garden

"What Celibidache did, and few musicians have the knack to such a degree, is an aggregate of a number of complex subtleties involving:  Fundamental tempi, of course  Phrasing / Articulation – which is a myriad of minute things in itself.... dynamic stresses, dynamic contouring (volume variance note to note within a phrase) - a slightly … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation ~ Celibidache Garden

Let the world be

I made a bet with Life When I was young. I said "Life, I bet I can Thrive in any conditions As long as I remember  To feel You close. So go ahead and make me One of your agents.  I will heal, restore and lift others, I will give birth and raise new humans, … Continue reading Let the world be

Inner Life

Inner life. Secret garden. Hidden treasure. Kingdom of heavens. Source of happiness. Wonderland. Shambhala. That magic place within where beauty reigns like a queen and justice is king. There is no other purpose of all spiritual teachings, old and new, than guiding the mind ... there. And guidance mind needs to cross the treacherous thick dark … Continue reading Inner Life

For the love of Jazz

// 1959: A Vintage Year in Jazz, is a perfect collection of "just right" kind of jazz. ... for me. Not very often I am so enthused by an album Apple Music suggests, enough to move me to make a playlist and post it. Imagine this small caffe with an authentic vintage unpretentious feel ... … Continue reading For the love of Jazz