Art is practicing surrender

Coffee painting by A.Garden
Coffee painting by A.Garden

When I was thirteen

I wished for a Friend.

He suddenly appeared in a vision.

He loved me always.

When I misbehaved 

He was quiet.

His quietness taught me more than words.

I knew that my every single heartfelt desire

He received and kept for later.

Until I was open to surprises. 

But I kept seeking protection from surprises.

Now, it’s time to let the guards sleep.

He is gentleness itself. He is grace.

He is sweetness, lightness and ease.

He is fragrance. He is morning breeze.

He is mist and dew. He is forest hum. 

He is night and day. He is dance and moonlight too.

He is poetry. The gardener and the flower garden.

Ocean and sand.

Little footprints on the beach.

Blue sky, turquoise water, white and gold sand.

Crayon trace on clear space.

Art is practicing surrender.

©Andreea Garden, January 2017