A Phenomenon called Human EgoMind

It’s always sobering to watch natural phenomena at work (or play, whichever you prefer): the spinning of the earth (just right), the intensity of sun rays (just right), the circulation of air and water currents (at times slow and gentle, other times violent), elements at play, the rise of plants at the surface of the soil followed by accelerated stretch towards the light, succession of seasons, some cold wet and barren, others hot dry and abundant. 
Only human phenomenon somehow manages to disturb universal order. Or does it?

Somehow collective egomind created unnatural structures to protect itself from Life. This structures we call society, with all its subdivisions. But what is even more absurd, egomind has reached the point of believing its flimsy creation is the basis of all human life. Logically thinking and intuitively perceiving, breathing does not depend of man made structures, heart beating and its inherent kindness does not depend of society structures, seeing does not depend of these, nature’s fruit bearing does not depend on society. So, now the human egomind is angry on its own creations as if they were made by somebody else and inflicted on itself. 

But that’s ok. Egomind is meant to self-destruct when no needed any longer. And not needed egomind has become now with remembering our true source of life.

Imagine a blank sheet of paper in front of you. What will you draw?

Andreea Garden, February 2017

Image from Unsplash