Excerpt from Rumi’s poem “Green Ears”

“This much I will say, and leave the rest hidden: Your intellect is in fragments, like bits of gold scattered over many matters. You must scrape them together, so the royal stamp can be pressed into you. Cohere, and you’ll be as lovely as Samarcand with its central market, or Damascus. Grain by grain, collect the parts. You’ll be more magnificent than a flat coin. You’ll be a cup with carvings of the king around the outside. The Friend will become bread and springwater for you, a lamp and a helper, your favorite dessert and a glass of wine. Union with that one is grace. Gather the pieces, so I can show you what is. That’s what talking is for, to help us to be One. Manyness is having sixty different emotions. Unity is peace, and silence. I know I ought to be silent, but the excitement of this keeps opening my mouth as a sneeze or a yawn does.” from “The Essential Rumi – reissue: New Expanded Edition” by Coleman Barks, Jalal al-Din Rumi, John Moyne