Understanding (bio)energy, foundation for harmonious living Ep. 1 RELATIVE EMANATIONS

Hello, friends of Life. This is part of my Spirituality for Fun Project, a set of fun, practical and easy games and natural observations meant to activate your spiritual perceptions in a clean doctrine-free way, restoring harmony of your life style by aligning it with the Laws of the Universe. Especially suited to fit urban living of all races, creeds, genders or ages. If you don’t know if this is for you, take a few minutes to go through this short test and see if anything here applies to you. 

  1. I love Nature, desire to spend more time in nature and understand better my relationship with it. 
  2. I wish well for every human being. 
  3. I strive to be a better nicer person. 
  4. I love our planet and desire to help with its restoration.
  5. I wish I understand more and better about how can I be of service to our planet. 
  6. I seek a better more harmonious living for myself and my family. 
  7. I need to heal past wounds and achieve a more balanced state of being. 
  8. I love native traditions (one in particular or all in general) and wish to learn and participate with their preservation. 
  9. I seek to develop my spirituality.
  10. I seek to live in and from my heart.

If any of these apply to you, than you are in the right place. Keep reading then. Follow this blog and use the comment box below to ask your most ardent questions. In the near future, when the time is right (and all other components are in place) I will make more videos, but for now writing is more handy and easy for me. 

Understanding (bio)energy, foundation for harmonious living Ep. 1: RELATIVE EMANATIONS

If we call the interpretations of our senses sensations, how should we call the causes of our sensations? What causes a sensation of warmth on my face? Not the sun itself (it is so far), but its relative emanations. What causes a sensation of coldness in my hand? Not the water, but its relative emanation. So we can describe each thing by its emanations. We call this object’s energy. (So you see, a different meaning than what we commonly know).

We realize that not only objects emanate energy but plants, animals and people too. “She is bubbly.” “He is blue.” “She is in a dark place.” “He is happy.” These descriptions of people’s moods are also relative. Someone in a good mood might describe a girl as bubbly, while someone in a bad mood refers to the same girl as hyper-excited or some other pejorative. Each person has preferences for certain characteristics while other characteristics are disliked if not disturbing even. The relative emanations are too intense. 

 What other things emanate energy? We observe that all things big and small have a set of characteristics which make up their overall energy. We speak of color, of brightness, of shape, of sound, of patterns or texture, of fractals. These too are included in the wide concept of (bio)energy. Generally speaking, all information is energy. 

 Let’s play a game now! 

Let’s run some hot water over our hands (only as hot as we can take without causing any skin damage). If we keep our hands in hot water long enough they become a lot warmer than before. And not just our hands but our entire body too. Now hold in a hand a cube of ice. This feels really cold because the difference of temperature between your hand and the cube is great. A lot greater than before getting your hands hot. (People have formed the habit of referring to this great difference as “a bad thing”: “the ice is bad because it hurts my hand”). Now let’s say we wish to spend some time in Antartica. What should we do prior to departing? Yes, we should get our body adjusted to colder and colder temperatures.
A saying goes like this: “the only constant in the universe in change.” So how can we stay up to date with the many changes occurring each day? How can we become comfortable in any conditions? How can we reach common ground with any person? Now we begin to understand why intelligence is defined as the ability to adapt to change. We either accept the discomfort as it is if the change came by surprise and we had not taken time to slowly adapt, or we stay more connected to our intuition which inspires us about the small actions we need to take now in order to be prepared for the changes to come. 

I’ll leave you with this for now. Sit in silence and loosely keep in mind relative emanations. Let me know if new understandings or insights pop up. 

In the next episode we’ll learn how we may keep a basic spiritual (psycho-emotional) hygiene in a busy urban environment. 

Until next time. 
Andreea Garden, March 2017 ~ Spirituality for Fun Project

Image source Unsplash
Image source Unsplash