Understanding (bio)energy. Ep.2 One Step Clean&Renew

One thing to know about bioenergy: It does you. 
One thing you must do: relax enough to allow it to do its thing. 

One best way to relax: return home.

Returning home means bringing your mind (masculine principle) at the place where bioenergy begins and ends to begin again: your heart center (feminine principle). Home.

A life’s journey is learning the easy path to return your mind home.

Home is so cozy and comfortable that no thinking is ever required.

Home is grandma’s swing chair and the smells of baked goods.

Home is mother’s garden and her soft singing voice.

Home is childhood’s wonders of nature and sky.

Home is where peace and tranquility reigns.

Home is your best friend.

Home is your favorite cup of coffee.

Home is where all most treasured memories are alive.

Once you found your way home, don’t dawdle. Go. Run faster than thought. Enter. 

Stay for a little while longer before running out again to play. 

Stay and eat something. Home baked goods. The real health foods.

Stay and take a bath. Cleanse and renew. 

Stay and take a nap.

Stay and walk under the blooming trees.

You and only you can know what Home means to you. That’s why only you can truly heal yourself.

Andreea Garden, April 2017

Spirituality for Fun Project

Image source Unsplash
Image source Unsplash