Practicing the Art of Life Appreciation – Sibiu Street Food Festival . Gourmet Romania

A Street Food Festival in Sibiu. A pool of amazing gourmet food and uplifting good vibes for anyone to dive into.  

For the past three days and still going on, Sibiu gathered many of mobile gourmet food makers from Romania and managed to create a memorable experience for both sibians and tourists. 
The food tastes better than in majority of world restaurants, but the atmosphere might play a part in that observation (nah, it really is better). It’s not just amazing food like Camionetta’s pizza (which is surreal) or sheep meat skewers at Arrosticini (which are sublime), or the burritos at Pokka’s and chimichangas at Dumas Van, or the great variety of burgers. There are waffles, ice cream, fish sandwich, cured meat sandwiches, chinese noodles, roasted ribs, juices and smoothies, desert cakes and to end the day … prosecco. 

Outdoor couches, chairs and lots of bean bags invited everyone to relax, eat, drink and have a good time together. 

The atmosphere was completed with good live music and outdoor cinema (last night they played Chef movie). 

And it’s not over yet. 
What does it take to make something good, delicious, beautiful, happiness inducing?
I’m out to find out. 
Andreea Garden,  June 2017