Five Ways to be Fully Authentic | Greater Good Science Center

I find I am not good at telling others how awful they make me feel. So I keep silent. Silent and distant. I am trying to find a reason to learn speaking about my yukky feelings … So far, I have found none. I simply do not believe it makes any difference to them hearing they make me feel … inappropriate.

I love to speak my heart. Nothing else gives me a greater joy than giving reality to my most intimate feelings.

That’s why I write. To speak my feelings, to give a voice to my heart. Even if that voice is made of black letters on white background. 

I use writing to bypass my mind. Because my mind has access to my vocal chords, but my heart has access to my fingertips.

I love to listen too. I find it easy to be sincerely interested in someone’s story. I know I used to speak my mind too quickly, express my thoughts and feelings about the situation but I am becoming better at that. I love to find more beautiful ways of expressing the same truth. In the end, I know for sure that it doesn’t make a difference what my perception of you looks like. It’s just one of the many veils of the soul. I’d rather “see” your naked soul. Only love can make all veils drop. Once I see your soul, all need for conversation subsides. It’s superfluous. Now, we may play if you wish.