Unpacking life, a long overdue task

Image source Unsplash
Image source Unsplash

Unpacking life is never a pretty sight. I am taking this task now because it is necessary. There is no moving forward with a heavy load of junk. 
So far the ugly heads of hyper-positivity, (to cover for fear of conflict, inability to express anger or frustration), disease to please (need of approval, avoiding conflict, other people’s needs first, appoligizing for existing), overfunctioning (compensating for other’s underfunctioning, using the opportunity to gain some extra appreciation) codependancy (needing some else’s oppinion, someone else’s approval to make a decision, needing someone to care for, to save, to help) popped up. It’s not hard to imagine the kind of people whom were my “perfect match”. 

All these inherited programs must go. The blueprint of helping other people, of making their living easier, of sacrificing my energy and time for someone else’s pleasure and comfort, this historic karmic program must go too. It does not serve anyone. Ultimately, there is a disgust, a bitter taste left from keeping it all inside for too long. Bile builds up and bursts. It stinks. It burns the stomach. Intoxicates the brain. This too shall pass. Watch it pass. Let it be no more. 

Next, comes the learning of setting healthy boundaries. Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist and relationships expert, founder of Real Love Revolution, teaches how to draw boundaries with grace and elegance. Their purpose is to protect my own energy and to let other people know me, the authentic me, so that they don’t involuntarily pass into my space, provoking a shocking angry or passive agressive reaction. I find Terri’s Youtube videos really knowledgeable and helpful. 

Now, feel the space created inside. Now there is space for life loving poetry, for practicing the art of life appreciation, for jazz, for flower arrangements, soulfull decorating, for watercolor paiting, for photography, for intutive recipes creation, for connecting with another intimately. 

I invite you to unpack a little of your life. It might create miracles. 

Andreea Garden, June 2017