One thing that hurts: Ignorance. One thing that heals: Presence

One thing that hurts: ignorance. One thing that heals: presence. 
Ignorance is sleepwalking. 

Ignorance is indulging mental activity. 

Ignorance is indulging sensory stimulations. 

Ignorance is seeking security in one or another idea. 

Ignorance is seeking something of value outside yourself. 

Ignorance is seeking to protect and to escape. 

Ignorance is finding fault. 
Presence is complete wakefulness. 

Presence is complete openness.

Presence is enjoying every taste of life. 

Presence is moving fuidily with the course of life. 

Presence is intrisically precious. 

Presence is staying still watching life’s flow. 

Presence is allowing and forgiving. 
Andreea Garden, June 2017