Keep Still and Become Human

Know how Home feels like: it feels whole, complete satisfaction, warm, soft, easy. It feels like real love. It feels like comfort, ever so safe, it feels like good company, like kinfolk, like the bountiful garden, like summer rain, like a swim in the sea, like warm white sand under my sole, like a fresh mountain spring, like pine fragrance, like crisp winter air, like surreal snow flakes, like pumpkin pie, … like pure nature.

Home, that happy place inside all of us … Find it now. Remember how it feels.

In life,

There are good parts and there are bad parts. And then, there is space. 

There are white birds and there are black birds. And then, there is the sky.

There is the above the waterline part of the iceberg and the submeged part. And then, there is the ocean. 

As long as we look at our life only with eyes for things that we can see, we are missing the biggest part. The biggest part is like a blank sheet of paper. You couldn’t do anything without it. You couldn’t even begin to think about doing anything. 

But there is more to that big empty space than using it as a means for doing things. Because, taken over by the madness of the muses, we might lose the first vision of our intended creation. We overcrowd the blank sheet of paper with unintended marks, sketches, even complete works. Without vision of where we intend to end up at the very end, without rememberance about enjoying the journey. We jam our list with experiences which we imagine and mark down. We set goals and strive to achieve them. We can’t remember why. We do things to prove things, to ourselves or to others. We spin around in circles and don’t know how to stop, although we sense that we probably should. Now, we think we must remember and decide about what to keep and what to erase, how to shift everything around, we overthink, overengineer, overanalize, overestimate, overcrowd and overbuild, forgetting completely about the blank white sheet of paper: the place of reference, home. 

That blank white sheet of paper is our planet Earth. 

We came here, half animal, half self-centered ego, we came here to become a masterpiece: human being. 

Keep still. 

Andreea Garden, September 2017