What will happen

Love is Home.

What feels more restful than home?

Where you find more peace and happiness?

Love is space.

What can be more secure, 

more unshakable than space.

Love is light.

What is more playful than light,

Please tell me,

What is stronger than light?

If more often I return home,

What do you think will happen?

If more often I feel safe, strong and playful,

If more people feel that way more often,

What do you think will happen?

How will their lives shift?

How will the world change?

It’s OK.

Nothing will be lost,

No thing will be thrown away,


No thought will disintegrate.

There is space for everything 

to continue existing

For as long as someone loves it.

So dare to plunge Home more often.

Feeling good will do you good.
Andreea Garden, September 2017