Come, buy a Life loving heart


Buy a

Life loving


If you seek profit or

to prove your righteousness,

Go on, I have nothing.

But if happiness is what you seek,

There is no faster path

Than loving Life.

If logic is your friend,

Just think: you didn’t make your hands,

You didn’t make your eyes,

Your didn’t make your brain,

You didn’t make your tongue,

You didn’t make your soul, your heart, your blood,

You didn’t make the hard steady earth beneath your feet

You didn’t make the sun or the moon, or the starry sky

You didn’t make nature,

You didn’t make your children,

You didn’t even make your work,

(your hands and eyes and brain did,

which you did not make).

And yet there are no words of how loved you are.

But if feeling is your friend,

Just feel how empty space fills with love

When two children kiss.

Feel how you bloom

When you are home,

And how strangers shake hands

When you forgive,

How wounds heal

When you say “I love you”.

Andreea Garden, October 2017

Image by SHTTEFAN from Unsplash