DNA Games: Games of War and Games of Love

DNA Games : Games of War and Games of Love

Some days I feel like a battlefield. Inside, somewhere very deep inside, wars are being fought. All wars start from a program and the program is written in the DNA. The oldest war game of them all, war between men and women, still goes on underplaying, unnoticed, or just ignored … until it permeates out in many various surprising big or small manifestations.

But we grow up and decide to play the game of Love. But as it turns out, love it’s not what we expected. This game is counterintuitive: when you lose or let the other win, you win. It’s nonsense. Too many quit this strange game of Love and go back to playing the “conquer or fear” games. Until one day when you find yourself fighting against those whom you love most, for whom you’d die for. Then, you know it’s time to surrender. Now you’ve become true love.

Somehow, in the end, we all return to love.

A. Garden, Dec. 2017